Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taylor Swift, love songs, and Christmas

So this weekend my friends had a wonderfully amazing xmas party. Small guest list. Big laughs.
It felt great to not be the funny person for the evening. I mean I was in the presence of some real comedians! But the best part of the night was when I got Taylor Swift'd!!! My bro stands up and wants to make a speech and gives this toast:

I would like to thank my sister Shaderi for texting me and telling me about this party. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even know about it. I mean she made me check my email and I really want to thank her for telling me about this. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT MY TOAST IS ABOUT!!!!!!!! I really wanna thank...

At this point it doesn't even matter about what else he said because I was given a moment and then it was RIPPED away from me!! Everything inside of me DIED! "i'm gonna let you finish but..." it was kanye and taylor xmas 2010 I promise you!!!!

On to the next part of my weekend LOVE SONGS!!

I have been making my own dj mix/glee mash-up of these 2 songs!!! Enjoy.

Well hope you enjoyed the songs!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I would skate but I hate the 80s

It looked like Rainbow bright, legwarmers, and oversized off the shoulder sweatshirts EXPLODED this past saturday/sunday. It was big, loud, and wrong... but it was for a good cause!

I honestly feel like 80s parties (and the Jersey Shore) are the only place where you are allowed to be a fashion DON'T and I don't think its acceptable.

I think its just because I just dont embrace the 80s as an entire decade. I disagree with everything that it stands for. But I think I'm the only person in the WORLD who has a problem with this!!! I must be the only person who does not believe that Lycra and hairspray should be allowed back in the ozone layer.

Yet in spite of my loathe of the entire 80's (Reagan, AIDS, feathered bangs, and stirrup pants) MY DJ had a very successful party to raise money and awareness of what is still going on in Haiti.

Everyone had a blast and I would say that it was all around great! The only reason I didn't skate... I just don't like the 80's. It's nothing personal, I just like the 90's better!!!! I mean I was able to sing a long to maybe 4 or 5 songs all night. I think my parents just skipped that entire decade of music too. (I still don't know who or what Billy Ocean is despite the fact that it was an entire episode of Everybody Hates Chris)

Maybe we can have a 90's party next year!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm just not that into you... today

So this weekend I had a totally ran-dumb movie night where some pretty cool people showed up at my house and we watched a few movies (because what ELSE happens at a movie night?!?)

Well this was the first time that I watched "he's just not that into you" mainly because when it came out I thought to myself "eehhh the book was cute but not cute enough for me to want to see the movie" So I let three years go by before I even think about the book or the movie again. (someone else brought it up actually and I remembered reading the book)

If you want to ask me "WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU READ THE BOOK?" that is a perfectly valid question that has a perfectly respectable answer:

Because I was bored one day and my roommate left it out on the coffee table in college!! I was 21 and the book had NOTHING to do with the readings for my comparative history:US v. South Africa, slavery vs apartheid class! It was better than watching CTV!
Any of those reasons will do. Trust me!

So anyway we watch this movie and I started to think about how I could have starred in this film... and had several roles!!! Kinda like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor!!

First there was chic who fell in love with every dude that spoke to her... CHECK
Then there was the chic who myspace stalked "researched" ppl and stuff... CHECK
Then there was the chic who's best friend came out and said "I LOVE YOU"... CHECK
Then there was the dude who fell for the girl he was stringing along forever... CHECK

Has the movie taught me anything I didn't know... HECK NO!!!! But the commentary from the guys in the room was very insightful.

Now, I am slightly inclined to believe that because they sat in my living room, offered commentary, laughed, joked, and gave me a hug goodbye... they still aren't that into me... TODAY!!!

tomorrow I may interpret all of that for interest...