Thursday, December 24, 2009

We wish you a Merry....

So I must admit that I am not really feeling the holiday cheer this year... again!!

I'll skip the rant about Christmas being a commercialized holiday and blah blah blah!
I'll even smooth over the "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" This is truth that I do believe and wants the whole entire world to know however, I'm just not in the mood.

I feel this way every year. I can't quite wrap my fingers around it (kinda like luther's curl thats not quite right! )

I'm gonna guess this is because I have been buying gifts for the same people! Doing the same thing every year. I wish I had someone new to buy a gift for. And I kind of want someone to get something for me. Like someone who takes the time out to think about what it is that will make me happy!!
My family does that.
My Loops do that.

but I want to say that my boo did that for me!!

Well I'm going to stop sulking and live it up! Party like its 2009! And by party I mean play with my nephew and continue to tell him that Santa isn't real (he's 2months old!) Maybe I'll watch A Christmas story once or twice circa 2am. And watch Elf @ 5am.

After I eat my spaghetti with Syrup maybe I will feel like singing Feliz Navidad to all of those around me!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I wrote a new poem (I don't write often mainly because I never really feel inspired to do so) because lately I felt like I had something that needed to be said and I just had to get this off my chest. Feel free to tell me what you think and/or discuss what it is that I'm talking about


Cynic the pitcher
Is about to strike me out
and it's without a doubt,that I can see this game coming to an end

At the bottom of the 9th and my team has 2 outs
2 Popfly hopefuls that could go, all the way

And unfortunately nobody knows
When the wind is gonna change
and make sure that things, are not the same

But still I remain, up next in the game

I must admit, it's n
ot my first attempt at this,
but I suck even in practice,

Guess the stakes Are top high
Or maybe I'm too shy
To swing at every pitch

Ball he calls, then strike, then foul
How quickly I'm down in the count now,

Gotta pay attention but i don't see my pitch
It's high and outside
Oh that's ball number 2
Cynic thinks he's slick, but look son, I got you
right past my nose he throws ball 3,

Can't believe the counts now in favor of Me!
So with this last pitch, I
'll take my chanceand swing
I just want a base hit,
As I hit top speed and run for my life
I don't think twice if this is even right

I'm just running like a bat outta hell
and it feels sorta like love put a spell on that last ball
cuz I hit the base quick and I didn't even fall,

But I see this base is not for me
And there's no second guessing,

Here's my chance to steal second

Steal like take what's not mine
or not at this time but it's too close to wait,
so when nobody's lookin

Headed towards this place I know so well,
this base I couldn't tell was closer than it seemed
I'm no Ricky Henderson and I don't do this often,
And I don't do this often but now it's worth the risk
With each step I'm closer to the place I need to be

Now I'm running at the speed of sound

Can't even feel my feet hit the ground
And I know that I'm not only racing against time
I'm racing to get mine and...

I'm pickled between my past and my future
But I cAn't go back I'm likely to get injured

If I keep running foward I might get caught
Might be picked off
Might be...

But with each might I just take flight
I hit the ground so hard
And the base with one hand

I can't hear past the crowd
My mind is in space
Did the umpire yell out
Or am I really, safe?