Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My life in 88 keys

So maybe you didn't know this about me but I have been playing the piano for 24 years. Yes 24 years.

(I wish I could play by ear but I am not cool enough for that but I can read music so that makes me slightly amazing right?!?)

Anyway a few weeks ago, when I realized that my life is crazy, I began thinking about how much God sustains me. Then I started thinking about what it means to be sustained. I admit that I didn't look in the dictionary or anything but I did look at a piano.

I can admit that I rarely used the pedal in the middle. It makes sense because it's an american pedal and I play music written by Europeans. But the pedal on the left and the pedal on the right define my life.

The pedal to the left, the soft pedal, pretty much acts like a mute. I love it's function and I love how it works. It shifts the hammers to the right so that they are not hitting the strings dead on and it makes the sound softer. Sometimes I feel like God is my soft pedal. He just shifts everything that I am going through over so that I am not feeling the direct blows of everything. I continue to press on.

But ahhh, the pedal on the right. The sustaining pedal. This pedal raises all the dampers off the strings so that they can continue to vibrate and sound after a note on the keyboard has been released.It allows certain notes to be connected together.

Right now I feel like God has hit the sustaining pedal on my life. Even though I feel like there is too much going on and I can't take it. He is allowing it to continue because it makes for an every sweeter harmony. He is holding it all together. He is essentially building the perfectly layered chord in my life.

God, work, ministry, education, love, social life, money, family.

At times I wish this were more like a scale with each note being played at a different time but this is more like a chord that can only be played using the sustaining pedal because these notes are all over the 88 keys of my life.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gotta catch em all...

Honestly, if you didn't start singing along then I don't know what to say! The song cranks and the show was the business! (and I wasn't even allowed to watch it or play the video game because somebody mentioned witchcraft or something I don't know)

But for the past few weeks I have been thinking about the fact that God chose me. Like David in 1 Chronicles 14:2 I realized that the Lord established me. Established, confirmed, etc. Sometime before the foundations of the earth I God knew that I had "coogi head to toe" He had to choose me "so watch me hit em with the flex..." (I digress)

When I began to think about what it means to be chosen by God
I couldn't get all deep with it like some people because we all know I am just not that deep. However, I got a picture of God carrying me in a poke-ball. If I had to pick
a pokemon to be, I would choose pikachu because he was so cute but could sting the crap out of you!

So here is why this image came to my mind: On the show Ash traveled around and was challenged to battles, he would take out his pokeball and yell "(random pokemon who has the ability to fight whatever pokemon) I CHOOSE YOU!!!" Ash clearly had knowledge of all of his Pokemon because how else would he know who he can rely on to fight the battle? He found the pokemon, trained them, and equipped them. Tell me that does NOT sound like God?!?!?

ok so maybe I just compared God to a 90s pop culture sensation and I'm ok with that!

wait maybe this was a little bit deep...

at any rate getting a tattoo of pickachu is now acceptable!!!!