Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ms. Solo Dolo pt 1

So my church started a series for single people called "Solo" I was even featured in the video!!

what's funny is that last year a few of my friends decided that my church should do like "single woman of the month" kinda like what Essence Magazine does but like at church!! I mean who doesn't go to church looking for their boo??? Personally whenever a really cute dude walks by I mentally start singing "there goes my baby" (ok I don't sing, nor do I really care but I find myself doing the occasional left-hand check, and for some reason I cant help that)

I digress...

So "Solo" The message was great and the takeaway simply changed my life:

Do what you can to show God how much you appreciate being in the state that you are in.

Clearly I am single and at 21 it was totally easy to appreciate that. At 23 it was getting hard and I started to doubt God (as if He ever really gave me a reason to do so) At the age that I am now I can say that I was getting down-right annoyed. It got so bad I believe I told someone "if God knows that me being single is causing me to doubt Him then why won't he just change that situation?" What kind of spiritual milk was I sippin on?!? I mean it was getting awful.

The takeaway from the message though helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I see now that my way of thinking was completely ummm silly! And God doesn't love me any less for being that silly for that long!

So this week I stayed away from "bait" or attractive men. It was challenging but I learned a lot about myself. It also helped me see who and what I appreciate and why! The trick was showing God the same type of appreciation that I show others (who didn't die on the cross for my sins Romans 5:8 style) If it seemed like I wasn't speaking to you its not because I didn't love you but because I value my relationship with God a whole lot more!!!

~Ms. Solo Dolo~

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