Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lesson from Walking

A few years ago I read Ernst Gaines book "A lesson before dying" Read it!!

But today I learned a very important lesson just from taking a walk to my car.

*Back Story* I was at UMBC for an ANQ event with the lovely SM. We went to support the crazy JM. But my phone was dying. It was holding on for dear life. So I decided to go back to my car and get my charger. It took about 7 minutes and in those 7 minutes my life changed forever...

So I am severely knock-kneed. It is a debilitating disease that makes my knees look like they are always trying to sit on each other's laps, if knees had laps. This condition makes it completely impossible to walk like "normal" people. No matter what I do there is something at the very core of who I am that is preventing me from being "normal."

This sounds a lot like my life as a Christian. I use to try so hard to fit in and look normal but there is something that shapes who I am that prevents me from looking like everyone else. It changes everything about me. My walk is different. The way I respond to situations is different. I can't participate in the same activities because it makes me uncomfortable.

So that was my lesson... God is for the knock-kneed people! He loves us more because we have no other choice but to embrace the fact that we are different from everyone else!!!!

(OK maybe that was a stretch but whatever)


  1. LOLOLOLOL...randomly read this...i LOVE you Shaderi.

  2. LOL!! Glad I could make you laugh and stuff!!! Love you too!!!!!