Wednesday, May 18, 2011



I wish I didn't hear these voices

These small whispers of my thoughts

That make me second guess all my choices

Recalculate my chances of...

Well why should you even know?

I keep them locked up

Inside my mind

And replay the scenes in

My mind's eye.

My occipital lobe is working over time

Because every time I think and see you

I can't seem to ask you...

Well why should you care to know?

And every time I hear you speak

Well my temporal lobe causes a

Malfunction in my cerebellum because

The sound of your voice makes me weak,

Which causes an involuntary rise in my heartbeat.

Synapses fire, dopamine levels rise

Thinking and rethinking makes me feel high

And I'm glad my Frontal Lobe is fortified

Because if these thoughts got out I'd surely die

But you can’t see inside my beautiful mind

So you will never know what I’m thinking

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