Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Moving on

"Who draws are these? you know I wear a size four-or!!!" Before I type the entire silkk the shocker verse (because I still know all of the words. And because I definitely was in love with him in middle school... even started a group called the No Limit Playettes!!!)
Let's go back to 1998 for a minute...

I realized that it's time for me to make the transition in my life!! I'm moving... AGAIN!!!

But this time I am excited!! I am leaving the Loudness of all things langley park and hitting up the more quiet columbia/elkridge area..

"Shaderi that is much further away from your job isn't it?"

Yes it is but again a lot of things are in transition for me now and I will just keep it at that!!!

I'm excited and I cant wait for you guys to see the new place!!!


  1. I used to live an Elkridge in high school...I'm sure you'll love it! When it gets warm again you gotta go to this small ice cream shop and try their milkshakes. They're the best I've ever had!

  2. can i just say im mad one of your labels is PG sucks LOL.