Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go DJ!! Yeah that's my DJ!!!

So it's pretty much a universal truth that I LOVE MUSIC!!! I love everything that there is to love about music!! So it only makes sense that I would have friends who enjoy music as well (if they didn't then I don't know what else we could talk about... because I definitely can count all of the episodes of Martin I have seen on one hand)

So before you go revoking my black cards... I would like to dedicate this post to "My DJ"

So honestly we met a few months ago at this Parking Spot in DC called Rendevous Lounge in Adams Morgan!! My friend said "this is Shaderi" and his response was "Hopson right... blah blah blah blame twitter" How funny is that? Umm but he was the best DJ in the entire parking spot (please note rendevous is not actually a parking spot but I feel like my living room is bigger than that place)
yeah that's half of the space right there!!!

Anyway so because I like to think of twitter as a catalyst that speeds up the rate at which friendships form, I found out that this DJ is also a cool human being! We go to the same church and everythiing. So anyway how is he now MY DJ?!?

He made the wise mistake of sending me an awesome mixtape of feel good music!!! I honestly love EVERY SONG on here!! It's my definition of shut up and drive music... except at the moment I have nowhere to go!

So yeah MJ DJ now has the task to guess my mood and make a mixtape based on whatever mood that I'm in (not really but wouldn't that be great if someone could do that!!!)

That's my DJ!!

check him out

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