Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm just not that into you... today

So this weekend I had a totally ran-dumb movie night where some pretty cool people showed up at my house and we watched a few movies (because what ELSE happens at a movie night?!?)

Well this was the first time that I watched "he's just not that into you" mainly because when it came out I thought to myself "eehhh the book was cute but not cute enough for me to want to see the movie" So I let three years go by before I even think about the book or the movie again. (someone else brought it up actually and I remembered reading the book)

If you want to ask me "WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU READ THE BOOK?" that is a perfectly valid question that has a perfectly respectable answer:

Because I was bored one day and my roommate left it out on the coffee table in college!! I was 21 and the book had NOTHING to do with the readings for my comparative history:US v. South Africa, slavery vs apartheid class! It was better than watching CTV!
Any of those reasons will do. Trust me!

So anyway we watch this movie and I started to think about how I could have starred in this film... and had several roles!!! Kinda like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor!!

First there was chic who fell in love with every dude that spoke to her... CHECK
Then there was the chic who myspace stalked "researched" ppl and stuff... CHECK
Then there was the chic who's best friend came out and said "I LOVE YOU"... CHECK
Then there was the dude who fell for the girl he was stringing along forever... CHECK

Has the movie taught me anything I didn't know... HECK NO!!!! But the commentary from the guys in the room was very insightful.

Now, I am slightly inclined to believe that because they sat in my living room, offered commentary, laughed, joked, and gave me a hug goodbye... they still aren't that into me... TODAY!!!

tomorrow I may interpret all of that for interest...


  1. i have comments AND questions...BUT because the cyber world is SUSPECT i'll save them and ask you in person!

  2. i actually read (read:quickly skimmed) the book because i am clueless about men and dating and wanted honest (and funny) insight. though th book was 'kiddy pool' deep, it was pretty funny :)

    i never saw the movie becuz i hate romances but ur post has me wanting to see what roles i could play. if i do happen to watch i'll chat with u bout it :) but if there was a horribly clueless chic who hated men to touch her then (CHECK) ;) lol

  3. i re-thought about it and decided that my questions and comments wouldn't be lost in translation after all. also, my phone died so i couldn't text you back! lol!

    1.) i saw the movie before saturday, and i thought the ending was brilliant. the two that were shackin up were really had the most real, enduring love in my opinion. even though i would NEVER (like, ever) move in without being married, he ultimately did what made her happy. He came to help her out when her family was driving her nuts, and from what i hear, doing household chores is an aphrodisiac.

    2.) who, ms. hopson, do you want to be into you? i ask this because i can say what you DON'T LIKE, but not necessarily what you do. reason being is this: as a guy, if i hear a woman only say everything that she doesn't some point i'll assume that she likes nothing and move on. i may be the only guy in the world that does this, but if all i know are the "can't be's" then i won't take the time to find out anything else. just a thought.

  4. @anqdove yeah watch the movie and lets chat!!! I think its actually better than the book!!

    @Verdell- good to know that you trust the internets again!! I know I'm usually oblivious as to who is into me and stuff like that but it seems as though everyone that I am ever interested in is NEVER interested in me!! I have a list with a lot of "likes" on it. It just so happens that I have an overwhelming amount of people that I dislike. But I dislike them all for the same reason!!

    If only I could convince someone as tall as a basketball player, who loves Jesus (the Christ, not the historical one), who loves music, who can tolerate the arts, who can dress, and who has a great relationship with his family, to be into me! Then we would all be good!!!

  5. what is this CTV you didn't want to watch? I work for a station with those initials.... lol

    I still wonder if yall (girls) know when you're overthinking a guy's actions, but at the same time we (guys) can be more mindful of what we do in light of how tempting it is for yall to do that.

  6. @DeAndre CTV is Canada TV oh its awful at times. Especially when they are playing Canadian Idol!! The only thing great about that channel was that it played The Daily Show and other comedy central stuff an hour after it Comedy Central and it was on basic cable!!!

    I personally over-think EVERYONE's actions. But that is because I have a need to understand human behavior (boys being remotely human on some days)

  7. Just thinking about this night gives me life...and i quote, "Most men, biblically speaking, are not Christians."

  8. AND I JUST DIED!!!!!!!!! LMBO!!! thanks E!!!

  9. I LOVE the book and the movie (which i just got for $3 dollars on black friday #ftw). I think the concepts of both are awesome minus their stupidity regarding sex "he's just not that into you if he won't have sex with you"...WTC! Anyway, alot of chicks give guys 1,000,578.7 excuses "He is shy", "He's got alot of things on his mind right now", "He just doesn't know how to approach me", "He's intimidated". It could be that he's just NOT that into you. I think the book and movie (back when I first saw it in college) challenged me at that time to DO life more and stop analyzing the snail slow pace of some of the guys I was giving excuses at that time. Plus over analysis starts to smell alot like desperation....(desperation smells like old gym shoes dipped in sweat) Taking the focus off of reasoning and analyzing AND allowing the guy to just TELL me he was into me paid off in the end. #bling! If you want a guy to really WANT you, you have to let him be the one to tell you he does versus trying to prophesy how he feels! "YOU LIKE do...YOU JUST are to scared to tell me"

    LOVE YOU Deri...wish I could have heard the commentary during the movie!

  10. Hahahah!!!!! great blog!!! Thanks for sharing

  11. Im going to make sure i make the next movie night for sure

  12. She Shoots, She scores!!! Renee for 3pts from center court!!!!

    My goodness!! That line about desperation was absolutely crucial!! Love it!!

    Love you Nay!!!

    @DaBeautiful, you better be at the next movie night!!!!

  13. Well I was told to comment... so here I am.
    I read the book and saw the movie.
    The book prreeeettty much made me laugh from beginning to end. If you haven't read the book I can sum it up for you in 3 words: WOMAN ARE DUMB! The author (who also made a cameo in the movie as the priest that married Jennifer A. sister in the movie) is pretty much saying, if a guy straight up carries you he doesn't like you and/or doesn't want to be with you.
    The movie make me laugh more and more each time I see it (dude singing on the voicemail never let's me down).

  14. i 100% concur with renee...i think that i guy that is actually worth a shot will stand up and tell you (however awkward it may be, or stupid they may sound) that they are into you. they won't make you guess. no need to prophesy lol.

  15. OMG Ms. "That Tiffany" thanks for reminding me of that part of the movie. As everyone is smiling and Oooohing and ahhhhing that the guy is singing the song to her...AND then he starts singing it again to another woman. HAHAHHA. Loved that part.