Monday, February 14, 2011

Minute to Win it!!!

For Valentine's Day I went Speed Dating!!! Here is how it all went down (play by play style):

4:45 -I'm completely dressed and my friend shows up in sweats after I said we needed to by on the metro by 5:15. I pretty much knew that was not going to happen

5:20 - We leave the house and suddenly are reminded that the beltway on Friday at 5pm is a parking lot. Our chances of ever being remotely on time are shot. And I am one of the few people who doesn't like to be late.

6:45 -We meet one more friend at the metro. The event starts at 7 and this friend is ALSO not dressed and her hair is not done. At this point I figure we are NEVER going to make it. And I need new friends who actually respect the clock.

7:15 - We show up to the event pretty sure that they are going to turn us away because we are so late. However, the event didn't even start! I should have known the moment that I stepped onto an HBCU things were going to be different. I had to throw away my experience at 2 white schools and "go with the flow"

8:00 - Let the dating begin!!!!!! I sit down in front of someone who's last name clearly started with a vowel and ended with a vowel, who kept trying to give me high-5s, I thought to myself "I could get up and run now and NOBODY would care. After that minute and 30secs of sheer awkwardness I made my rounds on 13 other dates.

3 dental students - one of which smelled like he did veterinary dentistry. I tried to figure out how you could go some place without showering. I mean this bamma still had scrubs on. JUST WRONG!!!!

3 more FOTB dudes who's last names begin and end with vowels. I couldn't even understand them. However one dude was hilarious. I sat down and said "Hola" he said "oh where are you from?" "NY" "No originally" "NY" "But you said your name was Ola" "No I said Hello" Ding time is up!!

Last dude of the evening takes the cake!!! I sit down and this bamma says "Are you Caribbean?" "no, why?" "Because you look Caribbean" "Why would you say that" (you should know now that though I have nothing against people from any island in the Caribbean I HATE when people assume I am from there!! Proud to be an American Negro!) "Because you have a SWEET GAP" "I'm sorry a what?!?!?"


Needless to say I walked away laughing!!!! I'm glad I went. I would do it again!

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