Friday, March 11, 2011

My party clothes are so binding!!!

That is probably one of the most profound statements from the movie that defines my generation and gives meaning to my life... CLUELESS!!!

I mean I can quote the entire movie from beginning to end. However, I must admit that I have never given much thought to this scene at all. But tonight for some reason this scene means a lot to me.

Cher is sitting on her couch brushing her hair in a purple cardigan and some jeans, while watching Ren & Stimpy talking about how much she enjoys staying in the house and going out. Her reason for staying in is simple; She can wear whatever she wants and have her hair look however she wants it to.

Tonight I feel the exact same way!!! With no actual PRESSING OBLIGATIONS, left work, went to the movies (with quite possibly the greatest individual on the face of this earth)***, came home and ate, and plan on playing video games until my heart is content!!!

Don't get me wrong I love going out- I still have time to get ready and go to 3 functions that I turned down if I really wanted to go.

But tonight I will rock some sweat pants and let my hair down.

I deserve this! And you do too!!!

***Please don't try and speculate who it is because I know a lot of great people***

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