Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Story of the prodigal Son pt. 2

So we met on my birthday randomly in a caf somewhere on my way from biochem to sociology or something like that! (I used to be a geek I lie to you not). I walked up to him like
"Hey are you T from facebook?"
"Yea are you Shaderi?"

2 hours later we get up and leave and have been friends ever since.

Now I know EVERYBODY thought we were dating because where you saw T you saw me. But he was my road dog. We talked about how much we loved Praise and Worship, how much we loved BBQ sauce. He even hipped me Open Pit BBQ sauce!! HE COOKED!!!!!!!! Like he would call me and say:
Yo I'm cooking I'm coming to pick you up.

Come to think about it he is just like me. I LOVE IT!!!!

And then graduation happened and I moved back home... and moved to MD.

I spoke to T once when I moved to MD. Coming home from Dive at Zion Church (so you already know that was a while ago). Then I was pressed over this dude so I did a one week no guys fast and lo T called in the middle of my fast. I was so tight because I knew he would change his number again before I had a chance to call him back. And that is what happened.

I haven't spoken to T in a little over 2 years. But I think about him every time a Fred Hammond cd comes out, Mary Mary comes on the radio, Tye Tribbett does Tye Tribbett things, pastors give awful offering sermons... That is my boy. And he will be in DC this weekend!!!!

Icing on my red velvet cake!!

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