Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Peruse the essentials of cool...

Now if you immediately continued the Lupe Fiasco lyrics then know that I love you.
If you didn't then why are we friends?!? Kidding! I love you too but there is work that needs to be done.

So this is tough for me because I want so much for this to make sense but for the life of me I cannot. But I have been thinking about what it means to be cool, what it takes for my interest to be peaked in someone else and I came up with this:

I want you
well not want but more like a need
that I created unlike me need to breathe
more like my need to be free
from this invisible cave so the light I can see

Glimmers of hope peak through the stalactites of shame
The Stalagmites of pain
This prison of disdain

You overshadow what's keeping me here
And that's...

I thought when I started this I would just go on to say what Lupe says gold watch, gold chain, etc... but honestly anybody who is willing to search for me in this place I call my life is what I need...

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  1. nice, I'm tired so I hurt my eyes on so parts but hey, I like caved reminds me of my childhood, exploring. And you have like a million followers on here.